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        The 1st CLIMATE Socks Drawing Competition

        Time: 2019-06-27 16:45:37

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        June 1st is the International Children's Day celebrated in many countries. At CLIMATE, we celebrate this day, because we believe this is a day for us, for you, and for everyone, as we all are beloved children of our parents! 


        In celebration of the Children's Day, from this year, we start to host this annual event:


        CLIMATE Socks Drawing Competition

        Invitation was posted on social media, and 58 kids aged 4-12 from our local community in the city of NanJing responded by submitting their work during a week's period. It is with great pleasure that all CLIMATE staffs cast our votes for the best drawings. Looking at the drawings by the young artists, we are reminded how young we really are! A modest start as it is, we are going to make it an annual event and keep it going for the years to come!

        Best Drawing Award:  Wu Zhiyi

        Best Drawing Award:  Liu Jiatong

        Best Drawing Award:  Chen Qinghe

        Excellent Drawing Award:  Deng Yan

        Excellent Drawing Award:  He Dawei

        Excellent Drawing Award:  Liang Xiaomin

        Excellent Drawing Award:  Huang Ruolan


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